About Us


Hello!  I'm Shauna, the artist behind Lincoln + Lucy Photography.  I've been photographing weddings since 2012 with the help of my amazing husband Andy. 

We LOVE weddings.  We also love the fact that so many couples have not only trusted in us to document their most important day but also that many of them have become our friends in the process.  We have laughed with them and cried tears of happiness with them.  Our hearts have expanded in the process and we have left each wedding honored to have been included. 

A few other tidbits about us......Andy and I have been married for 9 years.  We met and quickly realized that there was something very special there.  Andy proposed while we were vacationing in Prague and just 9 months after meeting, we eloped (a year later we were "married" again in front of our friends and family)!  Since that time, we have made two beautiful boys.  We currently live in Snohomish County with our two babies, and our cat & dog!

Wondering why we are called Lincoln + Lucy?  Well my oldest son is named Lincoln and Lucy is the name of my first "baby" - my terrier pup.  :)